An alternative vocabulary to depict architecture narratives

A curatorial project about architecture and spatial design, aiming to define an alternative glossary to characterize and describe the built environment. It establishes a bridge between the apparent objectivity of the built environment and the richness of its fictional dimensions. Five narrative genres (Fallacy, Erratum, Foretelling, Synecdoche, Irony) led to five collaborative interdisciplinary projects. The project is presented in the form of a publication.

If you're interested in obtaining a copy of "Built Speculations" please contact me on mariana.pestana@gmail.com

Curated and edited by Mariana Pestana
Cover and Layout by Inês Melo and Joana Pestana

Fernando Jorge, Pamela Deans-Dundas, Tommy Walsh, Gunter Zamp Kelp, Nicolas Henninger, Adam Furman, Rebecca Harral, Marcel Rahm, Juan Molina, Rui Mendes, Pere Buil, Xavi Llarch Font, Paulo Moreira, Suzanne O'Connel, Mariana Rodrigues, Afonso Pessanha, Pablo Sanchez Tellez and Luis Dourado